Decorative Rock For Your Phoenix Yard

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March 7, 2019
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March 8, 2019

Decorative Rock For Your Phoenix Yard

In Phoenix, most decorative rock consists of small pieces of decomposed granite. The larger pieces of granite are mined and then run through a series of crushers to achieve the desired size. The colors vary greatly and can range from lighter tans to greys and even deep reds. And there are easily as many uses for decorative rock as there are colors to choose from.

The most common sizes of decorative rock in the Phoenix area are 1”, ¾” and ½”. The size is not exact but it is a general average of the size of most of the pieces of rock. The size also dictates what the best uses of the rock will be.

Ground Cover

There are many reasons that homeowners want to cover the soil in their years. The sun and heat of Phoenix turn the soil into very dry dust that will cover everything in the yard and also blow and get tracked into your home. A layer of rock will help to cover the soil and eliminate a great deal of the blowing dust and dirt. All three sizes of decorative rock will work well as a ground cover. The size is often determined by the homeowner’s preference. And during monsoon season, the rock helps to provide a means for the rainwater to flow off of the soil. Homeowners also quickly learn that heavy rain will cause the wet soil to splash up onto the house if it is not covered with some type of rock. And finally, rock covering your yard is much cheaper and easier to maintain than a large panel of grass. Rock requires no watering, mowing, trimming or fertilizer, but provides a neat and well-maintained appearance.

Driveways, Walkways, and Paths

Decorative rock is a very affordable way to create a “hard” surface to walk or drive on. The cost is only a fraction of concrete, asphalt or pavers and can be installed by just about anyone with a few tools and some ambition. In most cases, the smaller sized rock is used for walkways as it provides a more stable footing. For driveways, any size will work as the material will pack down under the weight of the vehicles driving over it.

Pathways for foot traffic can also be easily created using larger pieces of flagstone and placing the smaller rock in between as a filler. This eliminates the issues of mud in the wet season and keeps the dust to a minimum in the hot dry months. For added interest, paths and walkways can be created with a different color rock that was used as a groundcover for the yard and even a different size.

Decorative Rock Calculator and Care

Decorative rock is labor intensive to install as it must be dumped in place in the yard and then raked from piles to an even covering, but the job requires little skill. Any homeowner who is interested in a do-it-yourself project can easily complete this project with the use of a few shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows if he or she is physically capable of the labor portion of the project. It is recommended that the rock is installed to a thickness of about 3” for the best results. A single-ton of rock will cover roughly 60 square feet. The larger rock will require a bit more for good coverage while the smaller rock will cover a bit more. Regular use of a spray weed control product is the only maintenance that rock requires to provide a neat and clean yard for many years of enjoyment.

Contact Cyclone Rock to learn more about the decorative rock that they offer and how you can create a completely new look in your yard just by adding this groundcover.