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Our Materials

The materials on this site are a sampling of the wide variety of materias we can deliver. Feel free to contact us if you are looking for a paticular solution to your development needs. The images on this site are only intended for general guidance and not to be used as specific examples for material categories or the look of specific materials. We can get you your specific needs in size, color , shape or texture. 

  • Decorative Rock – Decorative rock has become a staple in landscaping applications because of its durability, practicality and beauty. An extensive variety of stones are available for purchase from Cyclone Rocks which makes it possible for homeowners to find decorative rocks that will bring their property to life.
  • Boulders – When smoothed and flattened, boulders can actually make very attractive benches for seating. You might place these boulder benches in the middle of a serene garden or flower bed, or along the side of a water feature.
  • River Rock – River rocks have unique colors, sizes, shapes and textures. Much like a snowflake, there are no two of these river rocks that are exactly the same. Although exact shapes may vary, these stones tend to be somewhat rounded and are very smooth.
  • Rip Rap – Rip Rap is a known product used for erosion control however when used in the right area, it can make for an appealing ground cover or rock wall. Rip rap construction is made from a variety of rock types, commonly granite or limestone, and occasionally concrete rubble from building and paving demolition.
  • Soil, Sand, Gravel – Sometimes your yard simply needs a top dressing of nutrient rich sand. When it comes to bountiful flower beds, good soil makes all the difference. Cyclone Rock LLC is the delivery service to call for a large variety of sands & soils. We deliver bulk earth products to your home or business for any size landscaping job.

Design Tips

There are many practical and visually appealing functions of boulders which make them very popular for use in private and commercial landscaping. Some of the many uses for boulders on a property include:

  • Arrange them in groups – It’s not very common to find just a single boulder standing by itself in nature. To give your landscape a more natural appearance it’s in your best interest to either arrange boulders together in various clusters or to place several boulders in strategic locations throughout your property.
  • Create depth – Add depth and dimension to your landscape by placing a large boulder next to smaller stones and boulders of different shapes. You can also incorporate plants of varying heights to serve this purpose.
  • Consider scale – Keep your property looking smart and attractive by planning boulder placement based upon scale. Larger boulders should be placed next to larger plants and objects, and smaller boulders will look better near smaller landscape features.