Unique Colors, Sizes, Shapes and Textures


Cyclone Rock LLC offers a large variety of high quality river rocks to our customers that are available for pickup and for bulk delivery in the Phoenix area. River rocks have unique colors, sizes, shapes and textures. Much like a snowflake, there are no two of these river rocks that are exactly the same. Although exact shapes may vary, these stones tend to be somewhat rounded and are very smooth.

Uses for River Rocks

River rocks are highly useful and are popular for numerous residential and commercial applications. Some of the more common uses for these versatile and beautiful stones include:

  • Landscaping – River rocks are perfect for landscaping projects for nearly any property type. The smooth texture makes them very warm and inviting, while the variety of rich, neutral colors will compliment the style of any property. Larger stones can stand alone for decorative purposes, whereas smaller pebbles can be used to define borders, enhance other features or to fill empty areas where grass is either not present or is not practical.
  • Water features – River rocks always look stunning in and around a property’s water features. You may choose to line your pond with these stones or to situate them in a creek bed. They can also be used to enhance the look of fountains, waterfalls, pools, etc. By using a wide range of colors, shapes, and sizes, you can create a truly unique look for your home or commercial property.
  • Edging – River rocks are an excellent choice for an edging material. The variety of sizes available makes it easy for you to customize the stones to your particular needs. You may choose to use the rocks to edge your garden, your flower bed, pathways, or even the perimeter of your lawn. Not only will this make other landscaping features stand out, but it will also create a nice flow throughout your property.
  • Dry river beds – The construction of a dry river or creek bed can look absolutely beautiful in any landscape. Larger river rocks can be used to create the banks or edging to the creek bed, with smaller pebbles being used to simulate the waters within it.
  • Paths – It’s both the smooth texture and beautiful colors of river rocks that make them an excellent choice for incorporating walkways and pathways into your northern AZ property. Smaller sized stones will create a soft surface for walking, while still allowing your property to look very unique and beautiful.