Blending Art And Nature With Mexican Beach Pebbles

Adding Impact With Boulders
March 8, 2019

Blending Art And Nature With Mexican Beach Pebbles

Hand-harvested from the beaches of Baja California, the Mexican Beach Pebbles’ smooth surface is the perfect way to add a unique impact to your home’s landscape. Sorted by size, beginning at ΒΌ” and continuing through 12 inches, these stones have been washed perfectly smooth by the waters of the Pacific Ocean.

With so much of the Phoenix area’s landscape covered with decomposed granite, the Mexican Beach Pebbles provide a wonderful contrasting texture to the very angular rock formation of granite. The color varieties also offer a nice contrast to the typical granite colors. Choose from the most traditional black, red, buff, or a mix of all colors. A favorite blend in the Valley of the Sun is the Baja Sunburst, which offers a variety of terra-cotta and red-orange stones reminiscent of Sedona’s tones.

There are many creative ways to add Mexican Beach Pebbles to a landscape. Depending on the application of the pebbles and surrounding plantings, a variety of themes and tones can be created. Below are just a few ideas and suggestions for these solid stones that can transform your average landscape into a tropical oasis, a meandering natural creek, or a Zen retreat.

Beauty And Function

A dry creek made of Mexican Beach Pebbles provides a visual contrast to the surrounding granite rock in both color and texture. But when the rain comes pouring down during Monsoon Season or any other time of the year, these stones function just like river rock to move water away from your home. They are large and heavy enough to remain stable and in place during the rain, unlike granite, which often floats away, leaving nothing but mud. And because of the pebbles’ smooth surface, less debris and leaves will get caught in these dry riverbed features compared to the ones made using granite or rip rap.

A Sense Of Zen

The smooth Mexican Beach Pebbles are the perfect material to add that sense of tranquility to your Zen garden.

When you are creating a Zen retreat in your outdoor living space, the materials you select are critical to the finished product’s success. You want to surround yourself with beauty, a sense of calm, and tranquility. In most Zen gardens, you will find a sand element, water, and smooth stones. The stones in the Zen garden represent the peace and tranquility that you wish to achieve. The water adds a sense of softness to the density of the rocks and creates the grey sound to block out the stress and pressure of the daily grind. And in most cases, the sand is the palette for you to create and wipe the stress of the day away. The smooth Mexican Beach Pebbles are the perfect stones to bring peace to your new Zen space.

Create A Tropical Oasis With Impact

It isn’t easy to convey the tropical feeling with granite covering the ground. But when you use Mexican Beach Pebbles to create a focal point in your palms and foliage landscape, the look becomes far more tropical. The smooth stones look like just what they are, rocks recovered from a long journey in the ocean.

In this image, the use of contrasting colors adds even more impact. While drawing your eye to the fountain and massive palm tree in this planting, each tone offers its own beauty. And because these stones are nice and smooth, they sit neatly along the edge of the concrete. The smooth surface is also less prone to trapping debris and leaves, so the look tends to be neat and tidy.

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